Song translation and adaptation may not be as easy as we can initially imagine. You can make it as simple as translating a piece by putting the lyrics in google translator. Google translator may do a good job at translating the words literally, but if you do not put a little of your dedication and effort there will be many parts that will not make sense.

But if what you want to do is a COVER of your favorite songs, that will be a little more difficult, if not A LOT more difficult. In addition to translating, you will have to adapt the song in the best way posible so that it fits perfectly into the musical base.

Here below you have a list with the topics already adapted by us so that you can avoid having to do this time-consuming and complicated job. If what you like is singing, SING! We will occupy ourselves of the rest.

Choose the song you need and leave us a message at

If you do cannot find the piece you are looking for, ask us, and in a weeks time we will have it ready for you.

You can find the explanation of the process we follow to carry out the translation and adaptation of a song in our blog: Adaptation and translation of song lyrics (COVERS)

01. Select the songs

Choose the songs you want, from the list below. You can choose as many as you like.

02. Send us an e-mail

Once you have the songs chosen, send us an e-mail to

03. Let us know if it isn't there

If you cannot find the song you are looking for, let us know!

04. Translated Rapidly

In just a week we will translate it and adapt it for you.

We translate and adapt your songs.



Translated by: Julia Ruston


If you want to sing, SING, we will do the rest. Choose the songs you want and ask for them through this form. If you can't find the song you need, let us know and in a week we will translate it and adapt it for you.