For 10 years we have built a musical theatre workshop project and it has turned out to be much more than we expected.

We started out with 10 boys and girls and ended up having more than 100 children from different age groups, ranging from 4 to 16 years old. During these years we have experienced an abundance of sensations, learnings, successes, frustrations and above all a connection and relationship with the children that we would never have imagined.

We want to share all this with you through the material of all the adapted plays we have conducted that we have been accumulating during these years. We are also happy and open to any requests to aid in achieving your goal, which is the final representation.



Hi, I’m Josep. I have been an actor and director of amateur theatre for many, many years. I have been directing a children’s musical theatre workshop, together with Mònica for a couple of years now.

During this time, we have gained a lot of experience in this area. In my case, mostly in my area of acting and stage direction but also, more importantly, in the adaptation of theatre and musical theatre plays for boys and girls. I have reduced the length of the long plays so that they can be represented with spontaneity whilst preserving the whole foundation of the plot.



Hi, I’m Monica, a primary school teacher as a profession. During these years I have been dedicated to the groups of the youngest children (4-6 years). I have made them experience theatre as a game of expression and created and adapted the scripts and texts to represent them.

It is a pleasure to see how theatre opens children’s minds, makes them more flexible, helps them work as a team and to evolve emotionally, physically and expressively. It provides them with the tools to get rid of their fears, to enjoy an intense creative process and to feel satisfied with the staging of the performance. This is the culmination of overcoming their fears and the satisfaction of being able to share all the work done.

We have everything you are looking for and are thrilled to share it.

01. Experience

Our theatrical and pedagogical experience has helped us to incorporate many aspects of improvement in our adaptations, always thinking about the ages and needs of the children who have to act in them.

02. Creativity

The creative process begins when writing the plays and musicals but is enriched and transformed with the contributions of the children and the team, with lighting, costumes, props and scenery, culminating in a more vivid representation.

03. Dedication

Making these adaptations for different ages in different languages requires revising and translating the play's script, song lyrics and preparing the musical bases. It also requires drawing the scenes in the most representative way possible so that you can set them and organize the props, sound and lighting.

04. Quality

Writing, adapting, revising, rehearsing, and rehearsing again. Interacting with the ideas of the children and the team certainly enhances the theatrical experience, the play's script and the environment. The adapted texts have been tested and performed in a final production with audience and this is an added value to the play.

Translated by: Julia Ruston