This section provides you with all the necessary material for you to be able to build, with your theatre group, some of the best-known musicals. Below we will specify them in detail.

Depending on the musical there will be more or less material provided. Please check this for each musical. For now, we have a couple of complete musicals, and we will be adding more little by little. Part of the material provided has a cost and part of it is free, depending on your purchase. The possibilities of our material are very diverse, from buying an adapted musical play text, for a specific age, to the lyrics of an adapted song or a drawing to project as part of the play's scenery. You can also buy the COMPLETE PACK of the material for a musical which includes: the adapted play text, adapted and translated lyrics, musical bases, test audios and drawings for projection.

If there is a song with adapted lyrics we will add an audio with recorded voices so that you can sing it properly and adjust the lyrics to the music perfectly.

You can find musicals in the following languages:


In this section you can consult all the musicals in Catalan that we have available on our website.



Currently, we have no content in this section, you will soon be able to have access to these musicals.



Currently, we have no content in this section, you will soon be able to have access to these musicals.




If you are very interested in one of the musicals that we offer, you have the possibility to buy the entire PACK of material for the specific musical.

This pack includes all the play text, the lyrics, the songs in the format of musical bases, a series of test audios and various drawings to be able to project them during the performance of the musical.

01. Play Texts

The play texts are adapted to suit the age of the boys and girls who are going torepresent them. The texts are adapted for the following age groups: 4-6 years old, 7-9 years old, 10-12 years old and 13 to 16 years old.

In many occasions, specific scenes have been deleted from the original play text or book that do not affect the overall sense of the play but that would be very difficult for the children to perform, or that materially or physically, it would be very difficult to do it at a non-professional level (due to lack of physical, technical or technological means). The end of a scene is also sometimes altered to adapt the content to the age of the actors and actresses. Other times, characters have been deleted or added either because they did not have enough significance in the play or because the number of characters did not match the number of actors who were participating in the preparation of the play at the time. In the information provided for each musical you will have the number of characters included.

02. Song Lyrics

A translation and adaptation of each one of the songs in the musicals, which attempt to preserve the maximum context, sense and meaning possible of the original songs. Special attention has been paid to follow the pattern of tonic syllables within each beat, thus preserving the harmony of the song.

03. Musical bases

In order to facilitate singing the songs to their maximum potential with each of the lyrics that you purchase we will send you, free of charge, an audio with the lyrics sung so you have an example to guide you. They are not professional audios, some may be extracted from our representations, but they are an excellent guide.

04. Drawing to Project

With the aim of using the least possible scenery and prop material many of the plays have drawings made expressly for the different specific scenes. You can buy these drawings to use for your representation of the play. Thanks to this, the public will orient themselves in the scene just by looking at the drawing whilst costing us little to assemble.

05. Test Audios

On the page where you purchase the material of each musical you will have a test audio provided. This test audio will be of a short duration just so you can hear part of the lyrics that you are about to purchase in order for you to decide if it is to your liking. These audios are not professional, they are extracted from our performances and sung by our children.

06. Languages

We will try to have all the adaptations in Spanish and Catalan.

Because the works have always been represented by us in Catalan, we are adapting them to Spanish and we will continue to do so on an ongoing basis. Within the section ``Musicals`` you can choose from the menu either ``Musicals in Spanish`` or ``Musicals in Catalan`` or ``Musicals in English``.

Translated by: Julia Ruston