Today we want to tell you how we planned and organized The Town Musicians of Bremen play!!

We offer you the script of the children’s story, the “Town Musicians of Bremen” adapted and dramatized. We also offer you the songs we used, and the drawings projected used to build the scenography.

We hope you enjoy all this material.

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Below we will tell you a bit more about how we did it.

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You all know the classic tale of the “Town Musicians of Bremen”, it’s about a group of animals whose owners no longer want them because they are too old and so they run away in search of a better life. In our adaptation of the story, Pinxo, Panxo and La Pinxeta, who are the thieves, actually become nice and quite funny characters as the play goes along. Through their dances, riddles, chases and reflections they end up realizing that they are not satisfied with their current life and decide to join the group of animals to share the joy that music provides and celebrate the fact they have good friends.


This theatrical adaptation of the “Town Musicians of Bremen” is designed for children aged 5 to 8, and can be performed by a group of 10-12 boys and girls with the possibility of expanding it up to 20-25 actors by making groups of animals (4 dogs, 5 cats…) and splitting the lines among the boys and girls. The approximate duration of the play is 20 minutes.

The Donkey, the Dog, the Cat, the Rooster, the Cow and the Bunny start meeting each other, and each explain why they are disappointed. Little by little they get along and help each other by teaching the others the instruments they like to play. They all sing:

To Bremen:

To Bremen, To Bremen!

Towards Bremen we go, towards Bremen we go, towards Bremen we go, no enough
people there.

To Bremen, To Bremen! To Bremen, let’s all go,

Let’s all go, we have no time to lose!


At the beginning of the play, each character is presented with a fragment of classical music that reminds you of the different animals. The song sung by all the animals when they invite another to be part of the group is taken from:

Children's Group “El Ruc Català” – "Let’s go to Bremen". (P) and (C) 2013 Sulftik S.L. Song included in the album “Cançons Infantils Catalanes Vol.4” available at:



The costumes brought a lot of color and character to the play whilst being really easy to make. Each child’s family made a pair of ears and as for the costume the children wore tights and a coloured t-shirt which had a stain or some sort of detail sewn on as you can see in some pictures in this blog.

Before doing the play, we worked on each of the animal’s body language: the way they walked, how they defended themselves, the sounds they made and the expressions on their faces to represent different emotions they experienced.

We also played games with the music, by playing basic instrument recognition games, the orchestra director game, recognizing the voices of classmates and rhythm games.

The choreographies have been made simple with the intention of facilitating the coordination between the characters because the main song invites each of the animals to join the group and so every time there are more and more characters on stage.

The final scene is very special since it is shows that with solidarity, humility and generosity we can go a long way and that thanks to music we all have the opportunity to understand, communicate and enjoy life with each other.

The script is accompanied by the music and songs that will give life to all the characters as well as all the drawings that we used to project on the backdrop screen, which saved us a lot of scenery.

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