We would like to assist you in everything you may need so that your project goes ahead as smoothly as possible.

This is why in addition to all the digital material we offer for you to carry out the project for yourself, we are willing to collaborate with you in preparing the play and even in the final execution.

These 10 years running a musical workshop have given us the experience to be able to help you in all the following areas:

01. Stage Direction

Through the use of the script, we will decide the meaning and tempo of the overall play and each of the scenes. We will help young actors and actresses play their role and orient them on stage. Coordinate all the elements on stage and make their idea correspond to the overall composition.

02. Stage Manager

This role is responsible for stage movements, entrances of the actors and actresses, props, costumes, furniture and maintaining the tempo requested by the stage director. They will make an inventory of all the material needed for every scene to run smoothly.

03. Scenography

As you know, we don't use a lot of scenery as we replace it with drawings projected onto the background of the stage. However, there are always elements that have to appear, no matter what, on stage physically. How to add these and what to do to make it easy to enter and exit the scene is another important task.

04. Singing

There are many boys and girls who have fantastic voices, but sometimes the songs have to be adjusted by either raising or lowering the tone of the melody so that they can perform them. Learning to breathe and getting the tone of the song right is another ``actor`` essential in the preparation of a musical.

05. Choreographies

No doubt every musical needs a well-developed and worked-out choreography to reach the desired result. Having a person in charge of the choreographies is absolutely necessary.

06. Lighting

The lighting of a scene can convey the coldness or warmth, fear or joy you want to transmit to the audience. Lighting is fundamental to help convey what the actor wants to transmit to the viewer.

07. Sound

The explanation for this is simple, this is the first thing that comes to mind if we think of a musical. So, it's a vital component!!

Count on us to help you make your project the BEST!

If you need help in any of the aforementioned areas and you are located near to Barcelona (this is where we are based), you can count on our help and the help of our collaborators.

Obviously, the actor's job is very important, without them nothing could be executed. But everything that surrounds an actor or actress is very important too. Proper lighting, costumes, and sounds make the audience delve into the actor's role and they multiply the actor's effect on the audience.

Even if they are boys and girls and it is not a professional project, the effect of the whole play changes greatly.

So, count on us to help you make your project the BEST!

Translated by: Julia Ruston