How many times, as directors, have you searched and searched for the best play for your theatre group?

How many times… have you gone to a specialist bookstore trying to find the perfect theatrical text for your group and bought many different books. Some unknown authors and some well-known authors but all books that you had never read.

You buy them and take them home with great enthusiasm because you think that you will find the perfect one to make a play and on the tenth page you think any of the following:

We can’t make this play too complicated
We can’t make this play with a lot of scenery
We can’t do this play… I wanted a more up-to-date comedy
We can’t do this play… I wanted more actors… or less
We can’t do this play… it would not be bearable!!!

…what do you do with the play? I bet you leave it on the shelf of “plays” that you will never pick it up again.

How many times…

You have wondered where to get that theatrical text or script adapted for that play that you have always wanted to do.

Many are no longer on the market, or their editions are out of print, or you can’t find them in the right language, or they’re so old that no one has them in the digital format.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Don’t get worked up about it, it’s not worth it. We’ve all had this problem at some point in our theatrical history, well… actually maybe more like many times!

Together we will try to find a solution to this problem. We have thought that by creating a large library of plays and musicals we can all contribute to. We already have the Theatre Play Script Library ready. You can have access all the play you need. We only ask you for two things in return. Please subscribe to our e-mail list and leave a script of a play or musical in exchange for the one you need. That way, the list will continue to grow steadily and help us to all have what we need.

Send a message to with the plays you are interested in from our list and attach to the e-mail as many theatre texts (which are not yet in our library) as plays you have requested.

You will need to attach the following information for each play you provide us with: Author, title, number of actors, number of actresses, Genre.


Thank you so much for helping us build this magnificent library.

Any questions you may have please post them at the end of this post and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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