Today we want to talk to you about how we planned and organized the play of The Rainbow Fish!

We will provide you with the script of the story adapted and dramatized as well as the songs we used and the drawings that were projected to build the set.

We hope you enjoy all this material. To download it click here.

Below we will tell you a little more about how we set up the play.

Any questions you may have please post them at the end of this post and we’ll get
back to you as soon as we can.

First of all, we must say this is a beautiful tale! We made it our own. We adapted it to fit the ages of our boys and girls and made some changes so we could add more characters. In total there were 11 boys and girls.

We added more sea animal characters that don’t appear in the original story for this reason. At the time we did it, we had a group of very young children and they felt confident singing and dancing. It is a play that allows for flexibility in how much visibility each child has because there are many dances and songs. Everyone can express themselves in distinct ways.

Games and more games!

Telling stories! Representing them. Imagining different animals, their movements, listening to their onomatopoeias and sounds….


We explored the concept of friendship through games about knowledge, improvisation and cooperation!

Songs and dances!

Little by little we learned all the songs in the play and the movements we could do whilst singing them. We always listened to our body aswell as all the good ideas the kids had!

With the songs we performed the actions, we sang and we danced:

Good friends, the real ones
The Rainbow fish
The starfish
We are the sea animals
The octopus’ garden

There is a certain music and a song for each character. The final song and dance
“We are the animals of the sea” is very cheerful and is a good way to end the play.

Getting to work!!.

This play turned out to be very beautiful, aesthetically. The costumes are a very important part and the parents of the children collaborated a lot to make it perfect. We gave them many ideas which we can also share with you.

At the end of the play, when the Rainbow fish scales are split, we put some velcro under the scales and a small piece of velcro on each child’s costume so that the scales could attach to them.


Memorising the part!

Little by little and with a lot of patience at home, the parents helped us a lot to get the children to learn their role. You learn a lot with small children! Sometimes, they need to change the sentences they have been assigned. But it’s not a problem…often you have to adapt to their needs.

Sometimes we played guessing who said what phrase…. (Which character says that line).

The joke phrase (Identifyinh part of the sentence that has been changed)

The game of nonsense (Mixing the texts)


Everyone to their place, the show is starting!

This is the part which is the hardest. Remembering where they are situated on stage! With practice and patience, it is achieved though. It was great that the characters always came and went through the same place and the Rainbow fish exited in the other. The music helped a lot to know when to enter and exit the stage. All entries and exits are marked in the script.

In addition to this…

You can make soap bubbles at some point in the play or at the moment of greeting!

And add a few handicrafts!


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