Today we want to talk to you about how we planned and organized the play of The Brave Elf!

We offer you the script of this enchanting story adapted and dramatized as well as the songs we used and the drawings that were projected to build the set.

We hope you enjoy all this material. To download it click here.

Below we will tell you a little bit more about how we set up the play.

Any questions you may have please post them at the end of this post and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

This play is based on the cantata of The Brave Elf.

The music is beautiful and very choral and we decided to rewrite it in the form of a play.

The original story by María Rosa Nogué, the original lyrics by Clara Ripoll and the original music and interpretation by Núria Juanet Julià have served as a guide for the adaptation of this play. However, we did modify certain situations as well as add some scenes and characters that are not in the original story.

The original story, with its lyrics and songs, can be found here:

It is designed for 13 boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 7. You will see that
our adaptation has a similar structure to the original story but we have added more characters, more animals like the centipede, the ladybird of light… which give a lot of dynamics to the plot. The spider realizes that she is always alone because she doesn’t want to make friends, she’s very selfish and she just wants to eat. The best medicine to be part of a group is to collaborate, help each other and share.

It is a work full of values ​​where friendship plays a very important role.

We did a lot of games when preparing the play about collaboration and cooperation to create a stong awareness of the group and teamwork.

Every rehearsal day we practiced all the characters with the boys and girls so that each of them had their own personality and a way of walking and moving.

We worked on the characters through riddles. The boys and girls really enjoyed this. It was also an easy way to memorize the characters for them.

First, we practiced the songs with the base and the lyrics and once they knew the songs more or less with only the musical base. We practiced them all, although there were some more specific ones that were sung by the Brave Elf. It is necessary to anticipate that there are quite a lot of songs that all the boys and girls sing together and so it is necessary to allow enough time to rehearse them but rehearsing them a little every day.

We also added in some very simple dances and a also a small final choreography to end the play with the song about friendship with the whole group of the Brave Elf.

The end result was beautiful; the costumes also contributed a lot to add color and brightness to the play. They were not complicated costumes to make. Rather they were accessories like antennas, wings, and colored dots.

The narrators themselves decided that they could be disguised as nymph fairies to give that magical touch to the play.

In all, it is a very complete play which moves the public a lot because the songs are very beautiful and because the characters of the forest give off a great impression.




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