Within this section, there is large amount of material to provide you with everything you need to be able to build your staging project for a musical or theatrical story.

They are all some of the most famous musicals or theatrical stories since these the plays that really excite children who will participate in your theatrical project.

Below, when clicking on the musical that interests you, you will have the exact description of the material that will make up the musical that we offer you.

Depending on the musical there will be more or less material provided. Please check this for each musical. For now, we have a couple of complete musicals, and we will be adding more little by little Some of the material will have a cost and another we will offer to you for free depending on your purchase.

The possibilities of our material are very diverse, from buying an adapted musical play script, for a specific age, to the lyrics of an adapted song or a drawing to project as part of the play's scenery. You can also buy the COMPLETE PACK of the material for a musical which includes: the adapted play script, adapted and translated lyrics, musical bases, test audios and drawings for projection.

When the songs are translated and adapted, we will always add the musical bases for you.

The audios of the musicals in Spanish are provided in Catalan since they were represented in this language.