Finally, we have the musical of Mary Poppins here!

Today we want to talk about the Mary Poppins Musical.

Mary Poppins. Actually, when we talk to kids about this musical, a lot of them don’t know exactly what we're talking about! They’re too young, right? But since the musical has so much magic, excitement, color and so many beautiful songs, once you tell them about the plot they enter into a magical world of illusion .

How did we do it

We also put a lot of enthusiasm and effort into designing scenes which were adapted to their age group, reducing the script to include the most essential so that it would be much simpler and more understandable for the children. For example, we removed some scenes from the musical that would have been very difficult to recreate physically for us like the song “Step in Time” where Bert walks onto the walls and ceiling.

The magical element in this play must also be considered. What do you do to magically clean the room while they sing “A spoonful of sugar”? Here you will have to be a bit of a magician, especially if you want to elevate Mary Poppins into the air.

The costumes

Costumes are also another very important challenge. There are scenes full of color and with very colorful costumes, for example: the scene in the park where Mary Poppins and Bert dance, both are dressed in brightly colored party costumes (especially Bert), or the scene of the word shop (Supercalifrailistic….). This is a wonderful scene where the most famous song of the musical is sung that we all recognize no matter what.

On the other hand, the scenes with the chimney sweeps are not so colorful, but the darkness, the blue color of the lights and the fog also build a dreamlike atmosphere for the children.

And what about all the songs! (Spoonful of sugar, Supercalifralistic…, Chim Chim
Chere, Let’s go fly a kite…) We will never forget all of these beautiful songs, right?
Well, now, neither will our little ones.

It really is a very gratifying musical for us and the parents, but especially for the children acting.

The script

We have reduced the script to two different versions this time. One for children
aged 8 to 10 and another for ages 10 to 13. The number of songs is the same, but
the script is shorter for the little ones.

The song “Step in time” is also adapted so that the sequence where the actors walk
onto the walls and ceiling is omitted.

The song “Chim Chim Chere” is also slightly adapted. The characters sing and talk
on top of the music.

But don’t worry about these small details. When you ask us for the songs, we will attach (at no extra cost) not only the bases of these songs but also the recordings of the songs sung by our children to serve you as a guide so that you can listen to and learn them. This will make it easier for the children to internalize the most complicated details.

We also offer you drawings to project during the function. This should be of great help to you as it helps to cut down on the amount of scenery used. We can provide you with a drawing for each scene. These drawings add a lot to the stage and help the audience to be orientated very quickly. They are also very helpful in adding colour and personality to the play. You can’t miss out on them since they were created specifically for this musical.

Finally, we will now tell you what the material we offer consists of specifically.

The COMPLETE PACK includes:

The script of the musical without the lyrics of the songs for boys and girls from 8 to 10 years.

Or if not,

The musical’s script without the lyrics of the songs for boys and girls from 10 to 13 years.

11 drawings, one for each of the scenes (some scenes have the same drawing)

Song lyrics:

“Proleg- Bert” – Prologue Chim Chim Cher-Ee
“Cullerada de sucre” – A Spoonful of sugar
“Festa Feliç” – Jolly Holiday
“Supercalifragilisticexpialidossos” – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
“Al compàs” – Step in Time
“Chim Chimini” – Chim-Chimini Cher-Ee
“Fem volar l’estel” – Let’s go fly a kite

Other songs:

“Aparició” à per quan apareix Mary Poppins, “efecte màgic”
“Entrada dels pingüins”
“Ball dels pingüins “
“Sortida dels pingüins”
“Botiga de les paraules” > we play this whilst we are assembling the store and the public is watching.

Music bases to be able to sing on top of (Karaoke) each one of the lyrics provided.


If you were not to want the COMPLETE PACK, you can always ask us individually for any of its components, whether it’s the script, drawings or songs. The latter are always provided with the audios of our children singing as guidance and the musical base for no extra cost.

If you have any questions just ask us at

If you want to hear examples of the songs, you can do so here 

Here you will find all our musicals

Songs adapted to Catalan

“Proleg- Bert” ( Prologue Chim Chim Cher-Ee)

“Cullerada de sucre” ( A Spoonful of sugar)

“Festa Feliç” ( Jolly Holiday)

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidossos” (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)

“Al compàs” ( Step in Time)

“Chim Chimini” ( Chim-Chimini Cher-Ee)

“Fem volar l’estel” (Let’s go fly a kite)

Instrumental Music



“Entrada dels pingüins”

“Ball dels pingüins “

“Sortida dels pingüins”

“Botiga de les paraules”

Músiques base per poder cantar a sobre (Karaoke) de cada una de les lletres aportades.


As you may know, we hardly use scenery, instead we project drawings in order to fill the scene in a figurative way and provide the audience with a better understanding of the scene.

You can ask us for the drawings we used to project in each of the scenes (more than 10 drawings).

Therefore, you will have all the necessary material to be able to put together the play so you can focus on getting the children to learn and play their roles to the best of their abilities.

We will provide you with the rest of the material!

Remember that you have all the following material available:
Lyrics of songs in Catalan, script adapted to the age you need, musical bases for each song, instrumental music to accompany some scenes, drawings to project instead of scenery and even all the songs sung originally in our representations so that you have a guide when you interpret them.

If you have any questions just ask us:, or ask us at the end of this post.

If you want to hear the examples of the songs, you can do so here.

Here you will find all our musicals

The script of Mary Poppins

Nearly every scene of the original play is included. We may have shortened a scene a little because it was not important for the general argument and reduced the script length which helps the children when memorizing.

The script of the characters is reduced enough so that they don’t have too much work memorizing since they also have to dance and sing.

The script is adapted to the two age groups discussed above. The number of pages ranges from 22 pages for the smaller children to 25 for the older children.

Below, we leave you with a small fragment of the script. And here is a link to the page where you will find audio samples and more information on the songs.

Ahhh !!! Please leave any questions you may have down in the comments below in this post.


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