Here we have the adaptation of the musical Annie!

Today we want to talk to you about the musical Annie.

We already have everything ready to offer you all the material we have for this musical.

If you are enthusiastic, motivated and have boys and girls eager to perform, dance and sing, feel free to keep reading…

All you need is exactly what we can offer you, the means.

Any questions you may have leave them down below at the end of this post and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How we did it

This post is about Annie the Musical. This is a musical that we did not choose ourselves instead it was our group of young actors who proposed it to us. Since we like challenges, we did not hesitate to take on the request. First, because it was a challenge and secondly, because there is nothing more motivating than achieving the goal that they themselves had proposed.

The children who participated were between the ages of 10 and 14.

This time we did start using the original script as a guide, although as always, we reduced it and adapted it to the actors we had at the time. Although, we adapted the lyrics to Catalan, in the end, the boys and girls themselves decided that some of the lyrics should continue to be sung in English, and so that is what we did. That’s why, in the test audios, you won’t see “Maybe” or “Tomorrow” adapted and translated, but we do have them available to send to you in case you want them separately. They are always included for you in the COMPLETE PACK. The only one we didn’t translate and adapt was “Opportunity” which only appears in the 2014 film Annie.

You can also ask us for the drawings we used to project as a backdrop for each scene as this is included with the COMPLETE PACK. Annie the Musical has many scene changes and with the drawings it is much easier to visualize the space where they are located. They’re a similar style to the one in the picture below.

Some scenes have been removed such as the Hannigan’s song “little girls”, or the scene walking around the city with Grace and Mr. Warbucks with the song NYC.

We have shortened some other scenes so that it is not such a dense text for the boys and girls. We have to keep in mind that performing, dancing and singing is not easy for all of them.

Once this was done, the outcome was a script:

Although, we did get some girls to play boy roles and vice versa.

If you have more boys or girls, what we did was make the bigger roles be played by a boy or girl in the first part and then another one in the second part. This ensures everyone is happy… the boys and girls and… also the parents. 🙂

Songs adapted to Catalan

Potser – (Maybe)
Demà – (Tomorrow)
Aixo es Infernal – (It’s The Hard-Knock Life)
Es una sort poder ser aqui – ( I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here)
I Viurem – (Easy Street)
Del tot no vestiras si no somrius –(You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile)
Tristesa de Warbucks – (Something Was Missing)
Tot el que vull ho tinc amb tu– (I Don’t Need Anything But You)
Del tot no vestiras si no somrius – (You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile ( SIA 2014))

Annie the Musical’s script

Nearly every scene of the original play is included. We may have shortened a scene a little because it was not important for the general argument and reduced the script length which helps the children when memorizing.

The script of the characters is reduced enough so that they don’t have too much work memorizing since they also have to dance and sing.

Here we leave you with a small fragment of the script. And here is a link to the page where you will find more information and test audios of the songs included.

Ahhh!!! Please leave any questions you may have down in the comments below in this post.


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